• October 22, 2021
  • Dr. Daniel Saad
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An overwhelming success!

Time flies, but memories don’t!

The first performance of “Full jaws re-invented” is already behind us, and it was a pure success; at least for me! I really enjoyed the crowd and I hope that the feeling is mutual. Desperately looking forward for the forthcoming versions which will be held on 26th and 27th of November in Dubai and Abu Dhabi respectively.

I have striven to design a fully immersive course focusing on captivating the attention of the audience until the last delivered information, and I think I nailed it; despite an 8-hours condensed learning! 

“Full jaws re-invented” is all about increasing patient acceptance while strictly respecting the highest standards of care.

The course is designed in an increasing case complexity logic, thing that makes it breathtaking because of the curiosity that it generates to discover what’s coming next. The uniqueness of the course is its encompassing aspect that cover all kinds of full jaws clinical situations from the most atrophied to the most hypertrophied ones, as well as all kind of workflows from the most conventional and staged ones to the most digitally far-fetched and instantly loaded ones.

The course content is of an exclusively clinical aspect, backed by a reasonable amount of scientific evidence and is set in a very interactive format involving audience participation in building treatment plans at every stage for every discussed clinical case. The course is topped by a very realistic hands-on workshop, consisting of rehabilitating a real case 3D-printed atrophic maxilla using stackable guides leading to immediate cross-arch temporization. 

For those who are still hesitating of attending the course in November, I would like to inform that the registration is free, and that the course is DHCR accredited granting the attendant nearly 8 CPD credits. Seats are limited and tend to be booked very quickly, and the immersive experience and the state of the art knowledge that one can get is unprecedented . Credits go for the event organizer, the Open Dental Community who strives always in raising the bar of standards of care in implant dentistry.

Special thanks to Trate AG the manufacturer of Roott implants for their continuous support, as far as no matter how much one tries to be self-reliant and unbiased in dental education, none can deny the fact that dentistry significantly relies on industry and medical devices and those will always remain essential pillars in the improvements of the global dental care whether we like or not. 

Daniel saad DDS, MSc, PgDip, DICOI, DHA

Author of the course: “Full jaws RE-invented” 

Founder of LetsTalkGuided.com

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