Step 1

If you are aware of the type of patient data you need to provide, simply upload it through our website or send it by email ( with an overview of what you’re looking for.
If you’re unsure of what patient data to send, just have a chat with us and our team will assist you and take you through the whole process.
It is always recommendable to start with a preliminary panoramic x-ray consultation, in order to advise what kind of image acquisition should be performed.

Step 2

Upon patient’s data receival, our highly-qualified team of experts will examine the images and send you a free treatment plan suggestion and quotation.

Step 3

Upon  agreeing on a treatment plan following an interactive online discussion, our CAD engineers finalize the design and provide you with a detailed instruction manual.

Step 4

Last, receive your ready to print STL files, or the physical guides at your doorstep!

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