• December 23, 2021
  • Dr. Daniel Saad
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Facts and figures

Full jaws have been re-invented 3 times already in the UAE with some collected figures and facts ready to be shared, having hosted an overall of around 60 professionals who attended so far the course, and who had the chance to evaluate it. 

The course was on average rated 4.97 over 5 in terms of satisfaction, enjoyability and information delivery.

Whether recommending the course to a colleague or no, 100% answered “YES

Upon answering how much would one have spent for the material exposed in the course if it was not for free, the mean amount drawn out from all the answered values turned out to be 733$

I think this data speaks by itself…

“Full jaws re-invented” is all about increasing patient acceptance while strictly respecting the highest standards of care

What’s next?

2022 is around the corner, and while planning to penetrate other markets, we are about to facelift the course to rerun it again next year with an updated content which will be even more immersive and more out of the box, hopefully with higher CPD weighting. 

Also we are doing our best in responding to the requests raised by the attendants such as organizing live surgeries on real patients and conducting digital planning courses.

For now I would like to wish to all our colleagues, organizers, supporters, partners, and followers a happy upcoming year. Let everyone stay safe and healthy.

See you in 2022

Daniel saad DDS, MSc, PgDip, DICOI, DHA

Author of the course: “Full jaws RE-invented” 

Founder of LetsTalkGuided.com

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