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Typical clinical case treated during the masterclass live surgery

2-days masterclass with clinical mini-residency

Instant ALL-ON-X

Target audience: Dentists with intermediate knowledge and experience in clinical implantology
Remote education: NO
Location: Affiliated dental clinics in Beirut, Lebanon
Date: every other month (next dates to be announced soon)
Cost: 2500$ (all-inclusive)

Theory, hands-on, and live surgery

Course highlights

1st day:
• Implant selection and treatment planning, literature overview
• Cross-arch surgical and prosthetic treatment options
• Patient preparation for 3D Image acquisition

• Initiation to guided surgery protocols.
• Guided implant insertion, Stackable guides

2nd day:
Live surgery on real patient:
-Supervised cross-arch rehabilitation on real patient; from immediate implant placement to instant temporization.

Enrollment capacity: 3 seats

Due to a limited seating capacity, and the performance of our best-selling course, places tend to fill up quickly therefore, it is advised to book your seat at the earliest.

Know more about the masterclass

One of the most advanced and utmost comprehensive clinical masterclasses dedicated to immediate full-arch rehabilitation by means of state-of-the-art digital and guided workflows.

Requirements: Practicing dentist with a certain level of clinical experience in implantology is required.

Aim of the course: The purpose of the course is to introduce fellow dentists to the concept of guided single session cross-arch rehabilitations and to take their dental practice to the next level.

After the 2-days intensive masterclass, the participant will master full jaw rehabilitations using the most advanced and complex stackable guides.

This course comprises a supervised full jaw live-surgery on a real patient.

Date: Usually last Friday and Saturday of every other month (dates can be slightly modified according to the participants flight arrivals)

Where: In our affiliated clinics located in Beirut, Lebanon

Who is conducting the masterclass: Dr. Daniel saad, DDS, PgDip, MSc, FICOI

Cost: 2500$

It includes:
– Airport pickup
– 3 nights hotel accommodation (with breakfast) in the vicinity of the training center
– Lunch, snacks and beverages
– 2-days training with live surgery
– 50% discount on the planning and digital design of your next full-arch stackable guides.
– It covers as well implants, surgical guides and temporaries needed for the live surgery during the course.

Why our ALL-ON-X course is so unique?

Our philosophy in rehabilitating full arches, relies in increasing patient acceptance by making the experience, the most prompt, accurate, painless, and cost-effective.

Therefore when it comes to cross-arches, we try to avoid to the max, all kind of invasive bone grafting procedures that extend the treatment time, delay the prosthetic loading, and increase patient’s morbidity and bill.

As a result, implant choice becomes of a great significance, which should allow tactical positioning, providing high insertion torque while featuring a significantly reduced implant diameter to suit the atrophied jawbones.

Those features are exclusively found in ROOTT M, ROOTT P, and ROOTT S implants from TRATE AG!

Hence, this masterclass is not only about training on guided surgery, but also about inciting on tactical implantology avoiding to the maximum invasive bone augmentations by making the most out of the solid implants, treating atrophied jaws that are not restorable by conventional implants alone.

This course emphasizes as well the importance of exploiting pterygoid region.

This course DOES NOT cover trainings on monolithic/monophasic one-piece implants

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